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Aoshima, a cat island where cats and people live Aoshima, Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture
The island has a circumference of 4.2 km and is home to several hundred cats.
The only way to get to the island is by passenger boat, "Aoshima," which makes two trips a day. There are no guest houses, stores, or vending machines on the island.

cat island in Japan
japan cat island
japanese cat island

00:00 Opening
01:07 Arrival at the ferry terminal for Qingdao
02:43 Landing at Aoshima! Cats with strong skinship
05:02 Introduction of cats living on Qingdao
08:02 Visit to a shrine on the island
12:28 Leaving the island for today's accommodation
14:51 Today's dinner: sashimi, fried, and fried horse mackerel
16:14 Purchase cat food at a nearby supermarket
17:20 Breakfast for the second day
18:26 Landing on Qingdao for the second day
20:40 Breakfast for cats
23:13 The severe situation in Qingdao
24:29 Cat fights on Qingdao
28:24 Lunch in the ferry waiting room
30:26 Playing with cat toys
33:25 Naptime for the cats
35:07 Encountering Qingdao's famous cats
38:32 Please help support the Qingdao cats!

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