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00:00:00 Opening
00:00:32 Taisho Pond (Around 5:30am)
00:34:46 A river with beautiful clear water
00:44:34 Tashiro Bridge
00:53:20 Weston Monument
01:12:17 Kappa Bridge
01:19:05 Kappa Bridge and Hotaka mountain range (Around 9:00am)
01:33:10 Takesawa Wetland
01:43:11 A stream flowing through a mountain forest
02:12:54 White flowers starting to bloom
02:16:16 Encounter with wild Japanese monkeys
02:23:11 Myojin Bridge
02:32:30 Myojin Pond

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Filmed: May 3rd, 2024
Weather: Fine
Temperature: 21? / 69.8?

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